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Update we4kenya

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Het is weer hoog tijd voor een update vanuit Kenia!

Het tweede gedeelte van het regenseizoen laat nog even op zich wachten maar zoals jullie op de foto’s kunnen zien hebben we al wel veel geplant en we eten dagelijks groenten uit eigen tuin. Vanaf begin januari tot half mei hebben we ons gastenverblijf de hele tijd al bezet. Door deze inkomsten kunnen we steeds verder met de bouw en afwerking!

Onze plannen voor de komende tijd wat landbouw betreft: 
Zodra we zien dat bepaalde nieuwe gewassen het goed doen gaan we onze kennis overdragen aan een aantal boeren uit de omgeving. Samen met hun willen we een grotere en kwalitatief goede productie te krijgen om dit aan de hotels in de omgeving aan te bieden.

Wil je graag onze volledige update lezen, mail dan naar zodat we je de nieuwsbrief van maart kunnen toesturen.

Naomi Musurua Kishil born!

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We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl called Naomi Musurua Kishil.

Naomi is born on 9 of december, we are happy that everything is going very well!





First week in Kenya

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After a long flight on the 10th of November we, team CODE (collaborative design), arrived in Nairobi. The next day a long journey awaited us. Packed in a car with too much people and luggage we made our way to the project site in Namelok. During the travelling we already caught a glimpse of the Kenyan wildlife, we saw giraffes, gazelles en zebras. Shortly after settling down in our new house, we went to see the site where the lodges will be realized. The days after we travelled to nearby towns to get in touch with the local environment. Just like the weather, we also got a warm welcome from the people. We’re being greeted and waved at just like we are celebrities. People are curious to know why we are here and how long we’re staying for. After a while you start recognizing people, especially children who are always hanging near our house. At first they were a bit shy and distant, but after an afternoon of dancing with them they started to loosen up. By going to the church on Sunday we hoped to learn some more about the local traditions.
For the project we’ve already been observing local building methods and mapped the project site. After one week of observing our new environment, we hope to focus the coming weeks more intensely on the project. We plan on visiting architects and other relatable projects. We’ll keep you posted in the further process of our project! Like they say in Swahili: Kwaheri!

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Digging the well

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Digging the well on the farmland that we bought a few months ago was unfortunately a bit delayed. The diggers had encountered big a jamb, and they were unable to dig trough. But on a good note: Wilson got a big megapower Kango drill sponsored from the Netherlands early September. Now, the well is more than 10 meters deep and has a diameter of approximately 2 meters.

They still need to drill trough a part of the jamb, but hopefully that’s all finished before the wet season presents itself with bursts of rain. When the digging and drilling is done, they will cement the edges all the way to the top and put a big fancy pump on it.


Karibu team CODE

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Yesterday team CODE had their first (and unfortunately last for now) Swahili session. They learned a lot, and are now able to chat, thank and greet in the traditional way. That comes in handy as they become part of the real Masaai family once they have settled in the just-completed new house! Wilson and his friends has worked very hard, but it definitely bore fruit.
The house is made out of a wooden structure, covered with corrugated iron sheets. The beds have been bought as well, and the lavatory had been completed already. Now team CODE can safely leave their warm rooms in Delft to switch to the Kenyan life.Team CODE consists out of four ambitious architecture students, but they all think Wilson has done a pretty good job! They can’t wait to leave.


€850: everybody likes pancakes…

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…as was proven last Saturday, when we held our great pancake action! We baked more that 350 pancakes, so it’s safe to say that we are real pancakessionals now. That’d come in handy when we repeat this fun action… in January! So for all of you who couldn’t come: Be there! For all of you who were there, but just can’t get enough of our delicious pancakes: We hope to see you back!
We’d like to thank all of the visitors of our temporary pancake restaurant for their social and economic contribution. Special thanks to: Joop, Sarina, Gerlinde, Iris, Carolien, Marian, Jessica, Britt, mom and dad Van de Wetering, the local perish clerk, and everyone else who made this day a success.
We couldn’t do it without you!

we4kenya – you just made the kenyan life a little bit more valuable
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