About the lodges

we4kenya attaches great importance to every help they get. Even though it is a just-started organization it already got a lot of responses from people who are willing to volunteer on field in Kenya. To give something back, and to ensure the safety while working in Kenya, we4kenya is now realizing lodges for volunteers and students.

In the beginning of September team CODE started the lodges-project. During their stay in Kenya they aim to build at least one lodge. Future goal is to realize six of them. These lodges are going to be very important for the growth of we4kenya. Not only volunteers and students will be able to stay in these little houses; it’s also open to backpackers and other visitors of the area. This way we4kenya can earn money that can later be invested in the foundation. So, to all the backpackers: it’s not only going to be a lot of fun to live with wild animals and a Maasai family around you, you are also valuably contributing to the whole area.

Right now, there are only expensive hotels situated in and around the Amboseli National Park. Since we4kenya is a small organization which adheres to a pretty ‘bottom-up’ approach, the lodges are going to be very much affordable for most people. We hope to welcome you soon!