€850: everybody likes pancakes…

…as was proven last Saturday, when we held our great pancake action! We baked more that 350 pancakes, so it’s safe to say that we are real pancakessionals now. That’d come in handy when we repeat this fun action… in January! So for all of you who couldn’t come: Be there! For all of you who were there, but just can’t get enough of our delicious pancakes: We hope to see you back!
We’d like to thank all of the visitors of our temporary pancake restaurant for their social and economic contribution. Special thanks to: Joop, Sarina, Gerlinde, Iris, Carolien, Marian, Jessica, Britt, mom and dad Van de Wetering, the local perish clerk, and everyone else who made this day a success.
We couldn’t do it without you!
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